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The fit, looks and feel – High level riders have fallen for the elegant looks and perfect fit of By Juuls competition coats. The position of a rider in the saddle is perfectly reflected in this. Thanks to the timeless designs, the show coats are not seasonal and therefore retain their value. The jackets have an elegant cut and are fitted with rhinestone buttons and subtle Swarovski glitter details.

Emerald Green

High end competition coats

Riders want to feel good in what they are wearing to achieve an excellent performance. By Juuls competition jackets are therefore made of the best quality technical merino wool. This fabric has many unique properties that contribute to optimal sports performance and high wearing comfort.

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About me

"My brand was created in 2010 from a passionate vision and sense of creativity. I started from a mission to combine my creativity, passion for horses and commerce in a unique way. Each show coat design is the result of an extensive creation process. My mission nowadays? To make every competition a party!"

Dressing is an integral means of conveying your quality in equestrian sports, and this is something founder and owner Julien Scholte understands best.

"You can do anything if you take your time. Just try it and do it. Don't look around too much but keep focus on what you really want to achieve. Trust your own strength. Be kind to yourself as you love your horse."

XoXo Julien Scholte

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