You wool win in merino

TESTED BY NATURE, tested by professional riders

Merino wool is one of the world’s most technically advanced fibres, with unique moisture and temperature regulation properties. The showjackets of Vililiv by Juuls are worn by (Olympic) top riders across the world.


Our show jackets keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Sweating is nature’s temperature regulator. The evaporation of liquid from the skin’s surface producing a very efficient cooling effect. Potentially, your competition jacket can obstruct this process causing overheating. However, compared to jackets made from other fibres (like softshell), Merino wool’s process of vapour transfer results in cooler muscles that are able to work at higher intensity levels. 

Picture: SportwoolTM Research Program, CSIRO, Barry Holcombe.

More than a beautiful competition jacket


Merino wool fibres stay fresher for longer. Merino wool structure and moisture absorption properties reduce the tendency for build-up of body odours.

Merino wool fibres are finer than traditional wool fibres, so they feel luxuriously soft next to the skin. And they work in total harmony with the wearer’s body due to their excellent natural elasticity. 

Merino wool fibres have a natural protective layer that prevents stains being absorbed. Wool fibres are also less prone to static build-up, meaning they do not readily attract dust.

Merino wool fibres naturally absorb UV radiation, offering protection to wearers of Merino wool garments when exposed to sunshine.
Our merino wool showjackets are perfect to wear in warm conditions.

  • Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Quick dry
  • Cooler than synthetic fibres
  • Water repellent


High end fabric

Premium quality

Ultra light

As a second skin





Water repellent

Quick dry



Move freely


Temp regulation



Merino Wool, a high performance gift from nature